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Meet Our Care Partners


Care Partner of the Month: Ciera

cieraCiera was born in St. Louis. Her Mother, Tina Frost, also works at Dolan Memory Care Homes.

Ciera has 7 sisters. She has a son, Marquis, who is 7 years old. She is married her “love of 6 years, Anthony.”

In her spare time Ciera would love to spend the entire day reading a book or hanging with her son. She also enjoys shopping online.

When asked about working at Dolan homes Ciera said, “I love working with the Residents, just to know that I am able to help someone when they can not help themselves. It gives me joy to know I can help someone. Some days it is a blast with the Residents and other days it can be challenging.
I love what I do and I love my Residents.”

Care Partner of the Month: Tarris

SONY DSCTarris is from St. Louis. She has one sister.

Tarris is a wife and a mother of three. She also has one nephew and two nieces. In her free time, she loves to shop.

Tarris has a sister who works at Dolan and always talked about the homes. She convinced Tarris to come to Dolan. When asked about working in the homes she said, “I love Dolan. I love my house manager and work partners. My Residents give me life.”

Care Partner Of The Month: Sandra

Care-Partner-of-the-Month-SandraSandra is from the Congo. She lives in St. Louis with her Father and Mother and her brothers, Raphael and Nathan and her sister Destiny.

In her free time, Sandra enjoys just to rest and relax.

Sandra cared for her Grandpa.  When he passed away she was with him to say goodbye. So she had a feeling working at Dolan would make her feel close to him.  Taking care of the Residents in Dolan is like taking care of her Grandfather.

When ask about her experience at Dolan, Sandra says, “Working at Dolan Memory Care Homes has been one awesome experience.”

Care Partner Of The Month: Earsalyn

Care-Partner-of-the-Month-EarsalynEarsalyn is from St. Louis. She was raised by her Grandparents and an Aunt due to the loss of both her parents at a young age. Earsalyn is married. She is a Mother of 3 – ages, 20, 18 and 13.

In her free time, Earsalyn enjoys entertaining with Family and Friends. She also enjoys playing cards and bowling.

Earsalyn likes taking care of people and has been in the long-term care field for 9 years. A friend who is employed by Dolan Memory Care Homes told Earsalyn about the environment. She has been working for Dolan for 3 years and has been named a CarePartner of the Month each year.

Dolan made her feel welcome day one. “It has been a good journey these past 3 years. The diversity of the work I do ensures that no day is like any other, and I am always focused on bettering the day with making them (Residents) smile, which makes you feel good when the day is done. It has been nothing but a blessing to work with good workers. The families we meet become more of a big family as well. I enjoy my job.”

Care Partner of the Month: Carla

carlaBorn and raised in St. Louis, I come from a loving, caring family. I am the eldest of three with 2 younger brothers. I have 2 children, a son and a daughter, and a grand-baby. In my free time, I love to clean and listen to R & B music.

I also love to read. Most of all in free time I love to get my grandbaby, she is my world. My best friend, Marquitta told me about Dolan Memory Care Homes. She told me to come on board because she said I would love the job and no doubt I do!! I love, love, love my Residents.

My co-workers are great to work with. The Dolan staff is wonderful, nice and very, very caring.

Care Partner of the Month: Valerie

Valerie - Dolan CareValerie is from Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Fayetteville. She has three daughters and one son. Her daughters and their families live in North Carolina, and her son and his family live in Seattle, Washington.

In her free time, Valerie likes to go to the movies. She also enjoys visiting with her extended family. She started in the Healthcare field with her mother. They worked together until her mother became sick and retired.

Valerie enjoys working at Dolan Memory Care Homes. She likes the Residents and their families.

Care Partner of the Month: Ayanna

ayannaAyanna is from St. Louis. She is the oldest of 6 children; her sisters and brothers are Lesllie, Eliyah, Jaden, Amari, and Milani.

In her free time Ayanna likes to make clothes and purses. She became interested in Dolan Memory Care Homes because her Mother inspired her. She loves working with the elderly.

Ayanna has a beautiful smile and compassionate personality. She loves her Residents and looks for ways to put a smile on their faces.

Care Partner of the Month: Krystal

krystalKrystal is from St Louis and the oldest of 4. She has a son who is 10 years old. In her free time, Krystal enjoys doing activities with her son. She likes to go bowling and to the movies.

Krystal says that she “is a fan of trying new things” She had been a home health aide in the past and thought Dolan Memory Care Homes was a something new to try and gain from.

Working for Dolan Memory Care Homes is a new experience. Krystal finds working with persons with dementia keeps you busy and she has grown to care and love her Residents.

Care Partner of the Month: Lisa

LisaLisa is a native of St. Louis, born and raised here all of her life. She has travelled to every state in the continental United States as a truck driver.

Lisa describes her family, “ immediate family is my husband, Tony, daughter Maria, son Daronte and four beautiful grandkids, Mariah, Tiphani, Torre, and Tyson, who enjoy everyone, every day to the fullest!”

In her free time, Lisa likes spending time with her husband, grandkids and her great nieces. She enjoys, “traveling over the road vacationing when I get the chance.”

A Dolan CarePartner, Yvette, told Lisa about Dolan Homes. She describes working at Dolan, “My co-workers at Mason are A-Ok. We are a small family with quirks and bumps like any family. We look out for each other and work as a team.”

Of her experience at Dolan, Lisa says each day is different. “One day at a time, someone told me; some challenges are easier said than done, but I am blessed to have this experience and respect and honor Dolan Memory Care Homes.”

CarePartner of the Month: Felicia

FeliciaFelicia is from St. Louis; born at Homer G Phillips Hospital and raised on the northside of St. Louis.

“Writing about my family makes me want to tear up, bittersweet memories, we have endured so much but we are still going strong. I am the second oldest child, 2 girls and 3 boys, born to Pastor Rosalind Moore, who is a cancer survivor along with her young brother. Her other six siblings were not so fortunate. I myself am a fairly healthy mother of 4 children and Nana of 5 grandkids, whom I love to hang out with. Hence they keep me young!”

In her free time, Felicia likes to work out. “Boot camp for life baby !” She also likes to roller skate, throw darts, go to the movies and attempt to shoot pool. She loves to attend church.

Felicia came to Dolan as an opportunity for employment, as well as for the joy she gets out of loving on, caring for and being around the elderly.

Of her experience at Dolan Felicia says it has been truly great. “I have worked with some of the coolest and sweetest co-workers. I have been graced to work under some of the fairest and coolest management personnel and blessed to give care to some of God’s most precious seniors, whom I refer to as an assorted box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get, but I love them all the same.”

Care Partner of the Month: Ayan

AyanAyan is originally from Kenya. She has two brothers who live with her and her mother. She has two half-brothers who are still in Kenya. She said, “Sadly we lost my father last year, I miss him.”

Ayan said that she was looking for a job and her cousin recommended Dolan Homes. She loves working here.

“Working at Dolan has given me experience that has opened my eyes. I’m learning so much every day, from taking care of my Residents to working with other people with different personalities. Because of this job I have found my calling. I am back in school expanding my knowledge in this field. There is sometimes a problem here or there, but it always works out. This is a good place to work.”

Care Partner of the Month: Nina

ninaNina was born in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. She moved to St. Louis when she was 15 years old. Nina and her husband Ryan were high school sweethearts. They have been together for 13 years and married for 7 years. Nina and Ryan have twins, Mason and Madison.

In her free time Nina and her family like to be outdoors, hunting and fishing or going to a park and hiking. She also enjoys crafting, movies and reading. Nina says her family “is her life.”

Nina came to Dolan Memory Care Homes because she had always thought about helping others, whether that was nursing or volunteering – she wasn’t sure, she just liked taking care of people and making them smile.

She has been at Dolan Memory Care Homes for 5 ½ years. She started as a CarePartner. She stated that she learned she prefers to be more hands-on and transferred to the maintenance department, to see another side of the business, and stay with Dolan Memory Care.

Care Partner of the Month: Crystal

CrystalCrystal has three beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl.

In her free time, Crystal enjoys singing in her church choir. She also loves to read and go for walks.

Crystal came to Dolan Memory Care to expand her knowledge and skills. She was also looking to work in a home environment.

When asked about her experiences at Dolan Memory Care, Crystal said “I love my Residents. I love being able to provide for them and engage with them. Working at Dolan has been a new and different experience for me.”

CarePartner of the Month Adelina

FeliciaAdelina is from St. Louis. She is the strength of her family. She has four children; a son in college, a son that is a freshman who is a science wiz, a son in the second grade who loves to read and a daughter who is 4 years old and knows sign language and Spanish.

In her free time, Adelina enjoys the outdoors by jogging or skating.

At Dolan Memory Care Homes, Adelina said that it has strengthened her mentally and humbled her. She appreciates the fact that you can grow and within the company. Dolan Memory Care is “…overall is a great place to work for.”

Care Partner of the Month: Khadejah

Khadejah is from St. Louis. She has three older sisters and two younger brothers – she calls herself the middle child. She also has a 3 year old son – King.

In her free time Khadejah likes to spend time with her family. She also likes to read and travel. She participates through Church in feeding the less fortunate.

Khadejah came to Dolan Memory Care because of her passion for caring for others. She has experience in caregiving.

When ask what she likes about working at Dolan Memory Care, Khadejan said, I love working at Dolan. The Residents are so amazing. Caring for them like I would care for my own family and having a support team that comes together.”

Care Partner of the Month: DaTrieon

DaTrieon is from St. Louis. She has 2 daughters, ages 6 and 3 years old. She also has a sister who is 10 years old.

In her free time DaTrieon likes to read or watch movies.

She came to Dolan Memory Care because she was looking for a different environment then institutional skilled communities. She said she had done some research and saw that “…Dolan was a good place to work.”

At Dolan Memory Care Homes DaTreion states that “Coming to work for Dolan was the best decision I have made. I love it. I have a great team and I love my Residents. Being here feels like home.”

Care Partner of the Month: Markia

Markia is from St. Louis. She has five siblings. Markia has two daughters and sadly lost a daughter.

In her free time Markia likes to have family night. She also likes to dance, sing, read, play video games and sometimes write.

She was referred to Dolan Memory Care by an employee. She has great experience and a passion for working in the field of long term care and nursing.

When ask what she likes about working at Dolan Memory Care, Markia said, “…caring for the Residents. My passion is having the patience to care for the Residents and having a good Team at Calais.”

Care Partner of the Month: Demonte

DemonteDemonte is from St. Louis. He has two brothers, one older and one younger.

In his free time, Demonte likes to socialize with his friends.

He came to Dolan Memory Care Homes for a better job and a new experience. When asked to describe working at Dolan, Demonte said: “there is a great staff, loving Residents, and great families.”

Care Partner of the Month: Khadijah

Khadijah is from St. Louis.  She came from a big family, her Mother has 7 children, biological and 1 adopted and her Father has 18 children.  Khadijah  does not have any children, but has custody of her younger sister.

In her free time Khadijah likes to read and spend time with her family.  She loves the children.

She came to Dolan because of a passion for helping the elderly.  She had help and guidance from an employee about Dolan Memory Care.  Khadijan said that, “This is my passion, not just a source of income, not really a job when you love what you do.”