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Life Enrichment Team

Dolan Memory Care Homes involve Residents in purposeful activities that are recreational and therapeutic. Our staff strives to engage all Residents to be the best of their abilities and promote the social engagement.

Sandi Antalick, Activities Director, MCAD, ADC

Kiera Scaife, Activities Assistant, CLM

Betty Vatterott, Activities Assistant, BFA

Troy Jones, a board-certified Music Therapist, specializes in musical experiences for older adults. Troy implements various instruments and encourages the Residents to engage and sing along to their favorite classes.

Becky Alexander. Our singer–pianist, Becky, was described by The New York Times as “a talented woman”. Her repertoire covers the music from the Great American Songbook, which includes popular Broadway show tunes. Becky accompanies our Residents as they perform their favorite songs during her sing-alongs. Because she gets to know Dolan Residents on a personal level, she gears her sets to match their favorite songs.

Mel Eberle. Mel is a singer and guitarist who plays acoustics from the 1930’s – 1950’s, creating a relaxing and soothing afternoon for the Residents. Mel has been known to visit with the Residents and brings a gentle presence to the houses.

Joe Ellegood. When Joe comes to Dolan, his contagious energy puts everyone in a good mood. His favorite artist is Elvis, and he knows how to get every Resident and CarePartner engaged, whether that means singing, clapping or showing off their dance moves.

Beverly Condray. Beverly is a musician, vocalist, and animated ventriloquist who plays the classics and encourages singing along. She engages Residents in every performance.

CHAMPS and Support Dogs, Inc. Volunteers from both organizations bring their therapy dogs to spread joy to the Residents. Leo, the corgi, performs numerous tricks and enjoys companionship. Many of our Residents grew up with pets and love having a furry friend visit.

Kateri. Interactions with animals have proven to have powerful therapeutic benefits to individuals with memory impairments. The first dog in our Dolan Dogs program is a 2 year old Border Collie/Corgi/Terrier mix. Kateri comes to us from the Puppies on Parole program and visits all nine Dolan Homes with her handler, Dolan Social Worker Mary Kate. Kateri graduated from basic obedience and advanced training courses. Within a year, Kateri, will be a certified therapy dog. Some of her tasks will include: alerting to falls, participating in cognitive therapy, and soothing episodes of sun downing. She has an impressive repertoire of tricks and can also identify and retrieve various items, colors and shapes.
spencer-the-dogSpencer. Residents of Dolan Memory Care Homes love their pets. When a couple moved into a Dolan home they ask to bring their beloved collie, Spencer. After speaking with the other families in the household, who unanimously agreed, Spencer moved in. He is a vital part of the household, Residents and families enjoy his gentle ways and friendly personality